“You Gotta Give What You Get” – Denny Hamlin Reveals His Gripe With Travis Scott and Drake

If you’re a fan of music concerts, chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of waiting for hours to see your favorite artist perform, only to have them show up late or cut their set short. NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin knows this all too well, and he’s not one to hold back on expressing his views.

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What happened?

In a recent episode of the Actions Detrimental podcast, Hamlin and co-host Jared Allen discussed their experiences with waiting for artists like Travis Scott and Drake to perform, and the disappointment that often comes with it. Hamlin also shared what he believes to be the reason why the stars often leave their fans disappointed.

What did Denny say?

“By the way, every time a great show is in town, they’re like ‘Oh he’s performing on Saturday night.’ And, in Vegas, it’s like, ‘Why’re you telling me? He’s not gonna go on till 3:40 in the morning.’ Waiting for Travis Scott to come on? Last year? Drake, a few years before that. I mean, those are some late nights man. It’s tough.”

Hamlin’s theory

Hamlin has a theory, “I think those guys demanded a duffle bag full of cash and once you give ’em that, it’s…you gotta give what you get.”

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