“You’re Not as Good…” – Joey Logano Reveals the Impact of Early Success on His 15-Year-Old Self

As enchanting as it seems, success is not that easy to live with. Especially when one finds loads of it during the early years of life. Being the youngest-ever winner in two out of three NASCAR top division series, Joey Logano started his journey to success at the tender age of seven.

Joey got a reality check

The Team Penske driver said, “Obvious(ly) made my head big. Next thing you know, you realize that everyone’s good, and maybe you’re not as good as you thought.”

Jeff Gordon’s worst nightmare

Logano revealed that the Hartford Courant worked on an article about kids racing quarter midgets. And Logano, being a 7-year-old kid learning midget in Connecticut, the Hartford Courant decided to interview him.

What did Joey say?

“And so they asked me a couple (of) questions and I said, ‘I’m going to be Jeff Gordon’s worst nightmare,’ and I was 7 years old racing quarter midgets. That was my goal.”

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