“You’ve Never Been With a Woman That Says I Have More Horsepower Than You” – Tony Stewart Tries to Bite His Tongue as He Reveals the Difference in His and His Wife’s Car

Tony is getting ready to race in Top Alcohol Dragster while his wife Leah Pruett is an established name in drag racing, and she drives an NHRA Top Fuel Dragster for Tony Stewart Racing. In a recent interview, Tony described how his car differs from his wife’s car.

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What is the difference between their cars?

Tony explained that the difference is inside the car, the engine it uses, and the fuel it burns. Tony revealed that his car has 6000 horsepower less than Leah’s car, exclaiming, “It’s about 6000 horsepower difference!”

A massive difference

To this, the co-host teased Tony, saying, “You’ve never been with a woman that says I have more horsepower than you.” Leah’s car has a whopping 11000 hp compared to Tony’s 5000 hp car.

About NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster

NHRA is one of the largest auto racing organizations. The Top Alcohol dragster uses a supercharged methanol-burning engine and produces around 4000 horsepower. A category above that is the Top Fuel dragster, which can produce horsepower from 7000 to 10000, even going as high as 11000.

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