15 Lbs Heavier Stephen Curry Credits Ayesha Curry for Secret to “Not Getting Knocked Around” During Warriors Games

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors would be very happy with their performances in the last couple of games. The Warriors and Curry have comfortably put away their opponents as they finally try and gain stability for the season. Although the Dubs have wavered throughout the season, Curry has remained the strong pillar, looking like a different athlete altogether. The four-time NBA champion has credited the change to his wife Ayesha Curry. Curry was asked about his recent change in physique after the win against the Utah Jazz. And the 34-year-old credited all of it to his wife, Ayesha Curry.

The secret to the physique of Stephen Curry

“A Lot Of Good Ayesha’s Cooking Right There,” Said Curry Before Banging The Table, Probably Because He Was Ecstatic About Their Win. The NBA Superstar’s Wife Is A Pro Chef And Had Her Own Cooking Show For A While. Her Interest Has Led Her To Write A Couple Of Cookbooks Titled ‘The Seasoned Life’ And ‘The Full Plate’.

The 34-Year-Old Is A Major Contributor To The Four Championship Rings For The Golden State Warriors In Recent Years. However, There Is One Thing That Bugged The Fans And Many Of His Critics. Fans And Pundits Alike Have Mentioned The Need For Curry To Put On A Few Pounds Of Muscle. The Dubs Superstar Has Finally Heard The Call Years Later And Has Gradually Put On Muscle, About 15 Lbs Of It Since The 2022 Finals. After The Dominating Win Against The Utah Jazz, Curry Was Asked How He Came About The Process Of Putting On So Much Weight On His Body. And That Too, In Such A Short Period Of Time.


On being asked how it helped his game, Curry replied “Just taking on, you know, physical defenses. And even defensively being able to take, you know, certain blows guard bigger guys and not get knocked around. And you.. With the added strength. I’ve kept my endurance where it goes, hand in hand.”  

Curry’s presence on the Warriors

If the four-time NBA Champion’s career wasn’t proof of his legacy, his performance in last season’s finals wouldn’t have left any doubts. The Warriors in the 2022-23 season have struggled without Curry on the squad and excelled with him on the team. The loss against the New Orleans Pelicans is a prime example of it. 

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