2021-22 Off season: Point Guards The Lakers Need to Keep an Eye on

The Lakers have been knocked out of the playoffs in the first round itself, ending their title hopes for this season. 

This only means that their will be some roster changes for them to come back stronger and better next season. 

With doubts lingering about DenniS Schroder, being re-signed or not, who are the other pg's the purple and cold can consider?

Spencer Dinwiddie

Despite playing only a few games because of an ACL injury, Dinwiddie is expected to be healthy and a free agent. What makes him a fit is that he is a combo guard,  who is good on both ends of the floor. A facilitator, a shot create and sneaky athleticism, he could be great alongside AD and Bron.

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Kyle Lowry

The Lakers even tried to pursue a trade for Lowry during the season but failed.  This is another shot for them and Kyle can provide many things the franchise needs. Capable playmaker, shot creater and along with his defense, Lowry has it all.

Credit: Twitter/K*Jana

Derrick Rose

Rose is one of the reasons the Knicks reached the playoffs for the first time this season since 2013. In fact, Rose deserves a chance to win a title and with the Lakers, he has a real shot. He is a great passer, ball handler, a great finisher and his best quality is that he is clutch. This means Bron and AD can rely on him.

Credit: Twitter/Rit Holtzman

Mike Conley

Not only did Conley make his All-Star debut this year, he is having a solid season with the Utah Jazz.  Conley's best attribute is that he is a steady, consistent scorer and a star facilitator. Something that the Lakers really need.

Credit: Twitter/utahjazz

Chris Paul

Paul's addition to the Lakers would be the best case scenario. Paul may be old but he is an evergreen veteran who makes any team he plays for better. And if CP3 joinds one of his best friends, LBJ, they could be unstoppable.

Credit: Twitter/SportsCenter

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