5 Months After Ex-Wife Shaunie’s Wedding, Shaquille O’Neal Moves on With Big Confession on Future Family

NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, has a large family. He has a total of six kids, three boys, and three girls. He is a very strict and devoted father and loves his kids dearly. But Shaq doesn’t seem to be done with having kids just yet. Five months after his ex-wife Shaunie’s wedding, he has a huge admission to make for his future family. Shaq has built himself a massive empire. His impact both on and off the court has been immense. His legacy as the most dominant player of his generation is arguably untouched. The Big Diesel won four titles in his 19-year career in the NBA. Not only that, he was one of the highest-paid players during his time. Shaq has used his popularity and money to build a massive empire today. Despite all this, the big aristotle is a family man. He likes spending time with his kids. In fact, when they were young, he built several things for them in the house. Along with that, he taught them how to be disciplined and to stand on their own feet.

O'Neal wants two more healthy children 

Shaq's ex-wife, Shaunie, got remarried again five months ago. And after that, Shaq has now revealed that he too wants a future family. He was on the ‘2 Lies and 1 Truth’ podcast recently. there he talked about his future plans. Subsequently, Big Diesel revealed that he wants two more kids.

The plans Shaq has for age 50

Shaq added, “Just healthy babies, jumping up and down. I think at the tender age of 50, it’s going to keep me young.” 

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