A Look at Michael Jordan's Hilarious Fail Moments

While most NBA Fans Would Think that Michael Jordan was near perfect. But that's far from the truth. 

The greatest of all time goofed up too at times and it's something you can't miss!

Here's a quick look at a few of those rare but real moments!

Dunk Gone Wrong

With the court almost empty and a clear dunk, there is no way MJ could have missed it, right? WRONG! In fact, embarrassed Jordan couldn't help but laugh it off either. 

Credit: Youtube/Loris

Alley-OOP Fail

What seemed like a try at an alley-oop, Jordan misses again with no defenders in sight and a clean pass. It's as if he slowed down mid-air.

Credit: Youtube/Loris

May The Force Not Be With you?

After a jump ball, the Bulls get possession and Jordan rushes to slam a dunk with all his force. But it only goes against him, hits the rim, and bounces away with double the force. Oops indeed...

Credit: Youtube/Loris

Fumbling at it's best

Jordan's signature tongue was out and he was headed for a basket, but wait, the ball slips away and Jordan just can't believe that happened. 

Credit: Youtube/Loris

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