A Tour Inside LeBron James' $23 Million Gigantic Mansion in LA

When LeBron had announced leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time, there was a lot of speculation of the superstars' next destination. 

But the biggest hint of him joining the Lakers came when he bought a 15,846 Sq Ft. mansion in LA, 
It's time to take a mini-tour inside it.


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From 8 bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a gated driveway and a garage to store his valuable car collection, LeBron has made sure he leaves no stone unturned.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Luxurious Interior

The entire interior embodies a particular theme that has been perfectly stylized with perfect lighting, furniture and decoration to sit well with it. 

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

The King's Quarters

The master bedroom has a huge bookshelf, a built-in fireplace, and TV. It also has a comfortable and large sitting area on one side of the room with the bathroom's color scheme matching with the room's. Also, a balcony that overlooks the city of LA.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Personal Work Space

The top floor has an office where Bron can manage his contracts, film deals and endorsements. Along with that, there is also a game room and a bar for him to blow off steam. 

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Theater Room

LeBron is more than just an NBA legend. His work in the film industry is super successful and it is no surprise that his mansion has a screening room with leather theater seats.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest


Even at 36-years-old, LeBron is one of the best players in the league and the credit goes to his intense workout. So of course, his LA mansion has a state-of-the-art gym with plethora of expensive equipment to work out with.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest


Along with a  beautiful patio with a dining area, his backyard is huge and also has a swimming pool for him to take a dip. A dream house for everyone, isn't it?

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

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