A Tour Inside Michael Jordan's Bizarre Mansion in Chicago

It has been nine years since Michael Jordan's 56,000-square-foot mansion in Chicago has been on the market. 
Why he is unable to sell it, is still a mystery. But let's took a look inside it!


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The main gate

Anybody can recognize this estate because the gate has Jordan's legendary jersey No. 23 on it. It only takes us back to the Bulls dynasty...

Credit: Youtube/Concierge Auctions

Layout of his mansion

A 56,000 sq foot, 7.39 acres, 9 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms mansion scream MJ. He always believed in achieving the best and it has been stylzed as per his personal taste.

Credit: Youtube/Concierge Auctions

Basketball Court

Wouldn't the GOAT's house be incomplete without a beautiful personal basketball court?

Credit: Youtube/Concierge Auctions

Wine Cellar & Boys Room

If there is one thing that Jordan is known for is his flair for extravagance. And nobody would believe that Jordan doesn't have a wine cellar in his home, and behind that, a lounge to relax.

Credit: Youtube/Concierge Auctions

The outdoors

MJ did not leave anything untouched. From a swimming pool, tennis court and a pond surrounding his mansion is the perfect touch to his house. He had a 150 trees surrounding his place for ultra seclusion and privacy.

Credit: Youtube/Concierge Auctions

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