After Latest Setback, A Timeline Of Injuries Faced By Pelicans Star Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is undoubtedly a great player. But he has had great health concerns that have deterred him from perhaps being a force to be reckoned with in the league. His ankle soreness caused him to miss a chunk of his time on the court. Prior to that, he had many issues that have now become roadblocks for his career. His body, arguably his biggest asset, has become a liability. His nagging issues with his health have plagued him and the New Orleans Pelicans for some time now. Williamson’s knee was a key reason why he couldn’t even make his NBA debut till January 2020. Even then, he missed the entirety of last season owing to a broken foot. Williamson went through surgery and wasn’t fit to play.

What frustrated fans the most was that Williamson, with his array of skills, was unable to use them and wield them to power as much as maybe possible.
Brooklyn Nets superstar, Kevin Durant was vocal about Williamson’s ability to rule the court and dubbed him “one of one”. His physique combined with his agility and powerful movements constitutes a really credible player.

During their match with the Utah Jazz, the energy was palpable. Zion Williamson got the ball and went for a dunk. Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson blocked him forcefully, causing Williamson to fall awkwardly and slam onto the hardwood, landing on his tailbone.
Clarkson’s block was immediately swept up by the court’s concern for the Pelicans player. People rushed to help Williamson, who was writhing in pain.

He could stand on his own two feet, but he exited the game. He didn’t come back for overtime as well. This was fuel to the fire and churned out strong rumors about whether he would be able to play again this season. His teammate, Brandon Ingram also had to exit the game early from a head injury.
It was reported later that night that Zion Williamson was diagnosed with a posterior hip contusion.

Since March, he has been rehabbing in Oregon with a former LSU strength coach. On November 26, it was reported that the player was planning to join team activities. However, this didn't last long and a few days later Williamson was no longer allowed to play basketball. After receiving an injection in his right foot, Williamson will be evaluated in four to six weeks by the Pelicans. Williamson continued to rehab his injured foot away from the Pelicans on Jan. 5.

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