Anthony Davis, Scottie Pippen, & Other Teammates of LeBron James and Michael Jordan Pick Sides in GOAT Debate

The GOAT debate is always very intriguing and will never bore anybody. 

There are plenty of fans who have picked their sides in who the greatest of all time is between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, but there is probably no one better than asking their very own teammates to settle it for once and for all. Or at least come somewhere closer to a settlement. Let's get to it!

Dennis Rodman: 
Jordan 1 and LeBron 0

This was absolutely a no-brainer. Dennis Rodman picked Michael Jordan over LeBron James for his own reasons. He explained that MJ has only been injured once, never asked to sit out, and all he asked for was respect and money. In fact, he even predicted that MJ would average 50 in this era.

Credit: Youtube/ClutchPoints

Dwyane Wade:
Jordan 2 and LeBron 0

This was not expected at all, given Wade and Bron's history. The two were the best teammates when playing for the Miami Heat but Wade admitted that MJ will always be GOAT to him because that's who he looked up to while growing up. However, he clarified that Bron is still playing and is yet to achieve more.

Credit: Youtube/CBS Miami

Chris Bosh
Jordan 2 and LeBron 1

Chris Bosh was the third piece in Miami Heat's magical trio alongside Wade and Bron. However, contrary to Wade's opinion, Bosh would pick LeBron James for certain reasons. One being that LBJ is his guy and he's played with him. Also, that Chris knows exactly what he brings to the table, and being his teammate on the court, and friend off of it, is something he can't overlook.

Credit: Youtube/ VAMOS PARA

Tristan Thompson
Jordan 2 and LeBron 2

Tristan was the bluntest of all. He even reassured LeBron constantly that he is the best player to ever play the game. But he also said he wanted LeBron to talk the talk rather than just walk the walk. 

Credit: Youtube/Bally Sports Ohio & Great Lakes

Kyrie Irving 
Jordan 3 LeBron 2

Kyrie and LeBron seem to have an estranged relationship after their brief stint together with the Cleveland Cavaliers. And whether that's the reason or not, he picked Michael Jordan over Bron. He explained that LeBron is in his own lane. 

Credit: Youtube/Chief24

Kendrick Perkins
Jordan 3 and LeBron 3

Perkins went on to become one of the most reputed NBA analysts, and in another such GOAT debate, he admitted MJ was a killer, but for him, LeBron is the greatest of all time. He justified it by saying that all-around Bron is better and even brought in stats by saying LBJ surpassed, both Kobe and MJ in all-time scoring.

Credit: Youtube/NBillets

Anthony Davis
Jordan 4 and LeBron 3

In his first season with LeBron, Davis won an NBA championship for the Lakers but when he was posed with the same question, he showed some hesitation but eventually picked Jordan. Can you believe that?

Credit: Twitter/CrossedSports

Scottie Pippen
Jordan 5 and LeBron 3

Scottie shares a different opinion altogether. He did pick MJ as the GOAT but he also thinks the comparison shouldn't be made in the first place because both of them play different positions. Yet, he said there is no game in which he would pick LeBron over his former Bulls teammate.

Credit: Youtube/John Habib

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