Ayesha Curry, Who Made a Rare Appearance in Hit Miley Cyrus Show, Once Made Unheard Confession About Having Stephen Curry's Kids: "..Time being a wife wasn't considered cool"

From building a great family with Stephen Curry to making her own name in the world, Ayesha Curry had a lot on her mind back in 2015. Her responsibilities included taking care of her children and supporting the Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry through every obstacle he faced.
Her career has taken her from opening her own cooking show to giving numerous interviews. There was no end to Ayesha’s wandering. In an interview back in 2015, she discussed everything, including a story about her name.

The interview also covered areas such as having her children watch Stephen’s game, being married to Stephen Curry, and having a career that sets her apart from a basketball player’s spouse. Additionally, she discussed her cooking blog, ‘This Little Light of Mine’. Through this website, Ayesha has been able to express her thoughts to the public. As a writer, she used to come up with funny stories, ideas for moms in the kitchen, and many recipes that are easy to prepare.

She also talked about her love for cooking during the interview, mentioning how much she enjoys entertaining others. In addition to acting, Ayesha is an author of cookbooks and is a cooking television personality.
She has devoted years to her work to get to where she is today. Through many television shows,  she has released a lot of her recipes, and finally, she just launched her own cooking show. 

During an interview, Ayesha, who appeared on the hit Miley Cyrus Show, once revealed an unheard confession about having Stephen’s kids. “After having my daughter, I kind of made a career change, and so I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do where I could be home with her and still have something for myself,” Ayesha explains.“My main reason for doing all of this is that I felt like at the time being a mom and being a wife wasn’t considered cool, and maybe it was a little bit looked down upon.”

Furthermore, she emphasized the fact that cooking is her passion, which she turned into a career. This is the result of years of hard work she has put into building it.

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