Biggest Celebrity Fans in NBA History: Snoop Dogg, Barack Obama & More

NBA has had a fan following from celebrities from the beginning of time. 
In fact, some of them are even die-hard fans of particular franchises. 

Essentially Sports Brings to you some of the Big Names and the teams they admire.


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Spike Lee:
New York Knicks

Spike Lee is one of those unfortunate fans who haven't seen their favorite teams win a title in decades. Since 1973 to be exact. But it takes a real fan to stick around even during such losses and misfortune.

Credit: Youtube/ClutchPoints

Detroit Pistons

Look no further, Eminem is the Pistons greatest fan. He has been a Detroit icon for years and has lived at the infamous 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan.

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Kevin hart: 
Philadelphia 76ers

Kevin Hart is one of the most vocal Philadelphia 76ers fan. Often times, his courtside behaviour, like trash-talking opponent players and arguing with referees has created controversies. 

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

Jack Nicholson:
LA Lakers

Nobody deserves to be in the list more than Jack Nicholson, who has been on the sidelines, rooting for the Lakers since 1970.

Credit: YouTube/Hoops Madness

Barack OBama:
Chicago Bulls

Toronto Raptors

Snoop DogG:
LA Lakers