Butting Heads with LeBron James & All the Other Times Kevin Durant Showed His Anger

Fights and aggression is inevitable when adrenaline is rushing through these players on the court. Of course, Kevin Durant isn't immune to it either. 

Although KD has never been one to get into too many brawls, he has had a couple of fights that showed an even scarier side of his. 

Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook

Former teammates turned rivals on the court is definitely an entertaining sight for fans. So, when the Warriors and OKC butted heads with each other in 2017, so did Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  With 7 mins to play in the third quarter, the Warriors were trailing 73-56, that's when Russ knocked the ball out of KD's hands and the heated exchange began.

Credit: Youtube/Chris Smoove

Kevin Durant vs Draymond Green

The Warriors were a house of controversy when Draymond Green and Kevin Durant were teammates. KD and Green would consistently get into minor and petty arguments until it became uncontrollable. One of their fights had Green suspended from the game and there estranged relationship has been deemed the reason behind KD's exit.

Credit: YouTube/NBA on ESPN

Kevin Durant vs DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is a fiery guy, and Kevin Durant is no pushover. So, when the two got into a heated exchange in 2017, they both were ejected before it could get physical. But the two continued to fight even after it. 

Credit: YouTube/Bleacher Report

Kevin Durant vs Patrick Beverley 

Patrick Beverley is known to irritate his opponents and he always succeeds. This is what he tried to do against Kevin Durant in 2019 but Pat Bev ended up getting ejected for it. 

Credit: YouTube/Bleacher Report

Kevin Durant vs LeBron james

Arguably the two best players in today's NBA got into a scuffle when Kevin Love fouled KD. Durant was arguing with officials to declare it a flagrant which did not sit well with Love's teammate, LeBron. And thus began their exchange...

Credit: YouTube/ESPNSportCent LIVE

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