Charles Barkley, Steve Kerr & Other NBA Players Who Michael Jordan Has Ticked off

Just about every avid NBA followed ir a fan of Michael Jordan. And why wouldn't the bet? After all, he is the GOAT. 

But when Jordan left his playing days behind him, rumors about his image being carefully crafted by the media began to make rounds. 
In reality, some players or even teammates considered his competitive streak ruthless. 

Let's hear why some players can't stand MJ.

Charles Barkley

Everybody knows about Jordan trying to subtly bribe Barkley before Game 4 of the 1993 NBA Finals with a diamond earring. Barkley later stuck back publically. In 2012, he used that pulpit to criticize Jordan. After those comments, Barkley claimed MJ broke off their friendship.

Credit: Youtube/ The Throwback

Robert Parish

When Parish came to the Bulls, as per Parish, he messed up a play during practice once and MJ got up to his face and sassed him hard. But Robert put him back in his place and wouldn't take it. 

Credit: YouTube/Hoops Madness

Muggsy Bogues

In a game against Jordan, 5'3" Muggsy had the ball. Bogues claimed that while MJ was guarding him, he quipped, "Shoot it, you f****** midget". Bogues obviously missed that shot and believes that it was ruined his career.

Credit: Youtube/oldskoolbball

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Although Kareem and Jordan didn't face each other as much. But he has his reasons for his distaste of MJ. He believes instead of making real change, Jordan cares more about his shoe sales. Commerce over Conscious....

Credit: Youtube/Viral Hoops

Steve Kerr

. Steve claimed that MJ got too physical with him during a scrimmage and when Kerr started talking back, things got physical and Kerr ended up with a black eye. 

Credit: Youtube/Ellie Miller


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