Chris Evans, Shakira and Other Superstars Whom 7 Ft Giant Shaquille O’Neal Has Made to Look Tiny Over the Years

A basketball legend with a career spanning sports, entertainment, and education. Standing at 7’1”, he is always the center of attention. There have been times when Shaquille O'Neal made celebrities feel tiny in front of him. These are some of the superstars Shaquille O'Neal has made look tiny over the years, including Chris Evans, Shakira, and others

Chris Evans

In the past, a picture of Chris Evans standing next to Shaq gathered many headlines. Shaq's picture makes Captain America look small in front of him, which drew a huge response from fans.


Back in 2010, TNT shared a snippet of Shaquille O’Neal and Shakira during the ‘Inside The NBA’ show. In 2017, Shaq reminded fans about his meeting with Shakira. He uploaded a picture of him holding Shakira in his arms on his official Facebook account. The 7’1″ O’Neal picked up a 5’2″ Shakira very easily in his arms and made her look half his size.


An event benefiting The Shaquille O'Neal Foundation was held in October 2022 at which Pitbull performed. The 5’8”. Rapper and Shaq just happened to be there as a bonus.

Victoria Beckham

A photo campaign for O'Neal's 2018 Rebook collection showed the former Spice Girl's 5’4”. height difference.

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