Despite Long Injury, Stephen Curry is Eclipsing LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic

NBA superstar Stephen Curry is not only the best shooter ever but is also one of the greatest players to ever do it in basketball. Last year when no one gave them a chance, he led the Golden State Warriors to their fourth NBA title in eight years. He also won his first-ever Finals MVP award in the process. This has made many of his fans claim Curry to be one of the top five players of all time. His performance in the Finals is a huge reason behind this as well. Playing in six NBA Finals, Curry has won four titles. Now, a new stat has revealed the true extent of Curry’s popularity among fans. The two-time MVP has been one of the most popular basketball players in recent years. It is safe to say that Chef Curry is a walking highlight reel despite his age. Fans around the world love Curry’s no-look three-pointers, flashy dribble moves, thread-the-needle passes, off-the-ball movement, etc.

Stephen Curry tops the list

Stephen Curry is now topping another stat this season. Despite his long injury layoff, Curry is the most viewed player across all of the NBA’s social media platforms, racking up a mindboggling 485 million views. Furthermore, he has 100 million views more than Ja Morant, who finished in second place thanks to his high-flying abilities.

Interestingly, superstar LeBron James only came in third with 268 million views and Luka Doncic came in fifth with 210 million. Dubs fans loved seeing Curry being the most-watched NBA player on social media. Also, fans were surprised to see the young star Jordan Poole making the list. Interestingly, Poole took the sixth spot with 150 million views, not far from fifth-placed Doncic.

Curry’s return from injury

Stephen Curry injured his shoulder during the game against the Indiana Pacers on December 14. He has now missed seven straight games with the left shoulder subluxation injury.

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