From as Obvious as His Dog 'Rocco' To as Bizarre as His Socks, Here Are 10 Essentials Klay Thompson Can't Live Without

The Golden State Warriors' Fans have been waiting for Klay Thompson to get back on the court and make them title contenders once again. 

While the upcoming 2021-22 season looks optimistic for him, one can never be too sure about his injury. 
Till then, let's look at some of Klay's essentials that he just can't survive without.

Klay's dog Rocco

Klay obviously started off with his dog, Rocco, who has been with him since his rookie year. Klay's admiration and love for him can be seen on the IG profile he has made of the little guy. It is safe to say, this duo is the only one that can top the Splash Brothers.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports

KT Line Sneakers

Having your own line of sneakers has to be one of the coolest things, even if it's not with one of the biggest brands. And it doesn't hurt if along with the bag and sneakers, comes a tour around China.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports

Golf CLubs

Like almost every other NBA player, Klay is a big fan of golf as well. And as he has mentioned before, he is an outdoor person. So, what better way to spend a nice calming day outside and golfing with some buddies, right?

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports


Klay couldn't be more right that music and basketball go hand in hand. While practicing alone and traveling to games, headphones are definitely the most important to keep you busy and sane.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports


Reading is another great way for Klay to keep himself busy and calm. He was recently reading 'Washington Black' which was gifted to him by his girlfriend. This is his favorite way to get some time away from the screen.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports


Just recently, Klay made the headlines thanks to his goofy shenanigans on his boat. Klay has confessed that he loves the water and it was a dream of his to always own a boat. So, when he signed with the Warriors' he rewarded himself with one.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports

WATCH Collection

It's like a necessity for every NBA player to have a fancy watch collection and Klay wasn't one to be left behind. He is big on watches and has a box engraved with his name that also says 'This is your time'. 

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports

Chess SET

Given to him by a fan, Klay considers this one of the greatest fan gifts he has gotten. It has come in very handy to him and it even has his Anta logo on it.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports


Who doesn't have a backpack as an essential? Not only for travelling but daily commutes also require these. Out of two, one of them is Klay All-Star 2018 backpack which is his favorite. 

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports


Socks are very important to Klay, who earns his living running up and down a hardwood floor and has to take extra care of his feet. However, it was the Stance socks that helped him truly understand why good socks are so important.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports


Klay's love for water doesn't stop at a boat. He is also very much into diving, so his flippers are something that is part of his essentials list. They are actually Donald Duck like flippers.

Credit: Youtube/GQ Sports

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