From Nike to Liverpool FC: LeBron James' Best Investments That Made Him a Billionaire

LeBron James became the first active NBA player to become a billionaire. 
Through NBA contracts, he has earned $346 million, but through his off-court ventures, he has earned $700 million. 

So, let's take a quick look at some of his best investments. 


At the age of 18, LeBron was handed a $10 million check by then Reebok CEO Paul Fireman. The only stipulation? LeBron wouldn't be able to talk to Nike or Adidas if he accepted that offer. So, his patience was fruitful and a couple of months later, he signed with Nike for $90 million. In 2016, the two parties agreed to a lifetime extension worth $1 billion.

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Prior to its launch in 2018, Beats wanted to drum up excitement and publicity. So, they sent LBJ 15 sets of headphones at the 2008 Olympics. When LeBron and the rest of the team got off the bus in Paris, it went viral. Later that year, Beats first release was sold out. As a silent investor, Bron made $30 million when Apple acquired Beats.

Credit: YouTube/NBA RED


In 2011, LeBron invested $6.5 million for 2% of Liverpool. And after Liverpool became the Premier League and Champions League winners in 2019, that 2% is now worth $80 million.

Credit: YouTube/Liverpool FC


LeBron initially invested $1 million in 2010 for 10%.  The revenue of Blaze Plaza has seen a rise ever since. In 2017, the initial investment became worth $35 million. And now? It's reportedly $70 million. In addition to equity, Bron is now the owner of 19 Blaze franchises across the US.

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Backed by more than $14 million in investment in 2014, the media venture got off the ground very quickly. It produces The Shop (HBO),  Shut up and Dribble, and Kneading Dough. Now, it rolls into a new venture of LeBron's.....


SpringHill Entertainment

LeBron founded SpringHill Entertainment in 2020. The company has been on a tear. First came Space Jam 2 that made $135 million at the box office and $75 million in merchandise. They also came out with Naomi Osaka's docuseries on Netflix. In fact, Nike was rumored to be interested in acquiring the company at $750 million valuations.

Credit: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

LOBOS 1707

LeBron invested in Lobos 1707 tequila in 2020. Since Ryan Reynolds, Conor McGregor, and George Clooney founded or invested in tequila and whiskey brands, they made millions off of it. So, this could be a homerun for LeBron as well. Also, Bron even brings it to courtside. 

Credit: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

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