From Rags to Riches: Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson & Other NBA Stars Who Turned Their Lives Around

It's very easy to assume NBA players have the easiest and luxurious lives but has anyone ever stopped to think about where they started to get here?

Today, we're looking at those stars who started off humbler than where they are now. Some stories will astound you, some only inspire you. 

Let's dive in!

Jimmy Butler

A rough life is an understatement for Jimmy Butler. After being kicked out to live on the streets by his own mother, he bounced from around from friend to friend and now the Miami Heat franchise revolves around the superstar, who has earned over $220 million. The best part is that he still holds no grudges and is in touch with his family.

Credit: Youtube/MaxaMillion711

Larry Bird

""The Hick from French Lick", was the fourth of six children. Larry Bird's parents worked multiple jobs to make ends meet but this only motivated him more to be successful. His height and hard work helped him earn $33 million in the NBA and far more after retirement as well.

Credit: Youtube/NBATop10 

Allen Iverson

Apart from struggling with financial issues, an incident at a bowling alley landed Allen Iverson on the wrong side of the law. Although the charges were dropped, he could have spent time behind bars. But after that, he never looked back. The No. 1 overall pick, Hall of Famer, Legend, earned over $200 million in his NBA career and continues to give back to the community to this day.

Credit: Youtube/NBATop10

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Born in Nigeria, Giannis and his family migrated to America for a safer life. But life was harsh. His parents worked as street peddlers and couldn't even afford shoes. When Giannis' future looked bright, they even started rationing the food to make ends meet. And now, the Greek Freak just lifted his first NBA championship, continuing to earn millions.

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Scottie Pippen

Imagine feeding 12 mouths and only one working parent? That was Pippen's life. He was the youngest out of 12, and his father had suffered a stroke early on.  So, Scottie had to take the long road to the league but is a Chicago Bulls legend, who also earned over $100 million.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Kevin Durant

KD worked the value of hard work through his mother who worked from dusk till dawn to pay the bills on a few hours of sleep only. It helped him approach his career the same way and is now one of the most dominant players the NBA has ever seen, earning over $225 million.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

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