From Steve Nash to Gordon Hayward: Most Devastating Injuries in NBA History

Throughout the decades, we have some nba players succumb to some horrible injuries. either some have derailed injuries or they have even ended promising careers. 

however, these cringe-worthy moments need to be seen at Least once. 
Have a look!


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Joel Przybilla

The way Joel lands on his knee against the Dallas Mavericks looks so uncomfortable. His knee is completely locked when it hits the ground. It ruptured and dislocated his patella.

Credit: YouTube/iamkellex

Steve Nash

The best part about Nash breaking his nose thanks to Derek Fisher was not what happened but what happened after. Steve popped it back right in place like nothing happened.

Credit: YouTube/HoopDigestTV

Allen Ray

Ray only gets poked in the eye but what makes this scary is that we can see his eyeball almost popping out of his socket. He got this injury while he was in college.

Credit: YouTube/Safidika82

Andrew Bogut

This is one of the most painful injuries in recent years. Bogut's left hand slips from the rim and it awkwardly folds up underneath him completely. He ended up with a dislocated elbow, broken hand and sprained wrist.

Credit: YouTube/OfficeFantasySports

Shaun Livingston

Rudy Tomjanovich

Gordon Hayward