Here's How LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Shaquille O'Neal & Other NBA Stars Spent Their First Paychecks

Being an NBA player comes with a lot of perks. But the biggest one being, tons of money. Even as soon as you enter, you're almost always offered a good enough contract that you can use to spend on something lavish. 

Here's how some of the NBA stars spent their first checks! 


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Shaquille O'Neal:
3 Mercedes Benzes

Joining the league in 1992, Shaq was the first overall pick by the Orlando Magic.  At the time, he signed the biggest contract in franchise history, of 4 years for $40 million. So, he decided to go all out with not one, not two but bought three Mercedes Benzes. One for himself, one for his father, and one for his mother. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Ben Simmons: 
Savannah Cats

Before Ben Simmons started being bashed up for his poor performance in the playoffs, he was a rising star. But Simmons decided to do something unique with his first paycheck. He bought a female Savannah Cat, and another one later on to keep the first one company. It all cost him $10,000 and he even regretted it majorly, later on, and sent them away. 

Credit: Youtube/Fresh 26

Klay Thompson:
Pool Table

Basketball runs in Klay Thompson's blood, whose father, Mychal Thompson was an incredible NBA player as well. However, Klay is one of those who did not make very irresponsible or luxurious spending which his first check, and ended up buying a pool table which he has to this date. Perhaps, he was taught to handle his finances before.

Credit: Youtube/Golden State Warriors

Dwyane Wade:
"Electic Blue" Escalade

Wade did what every NBA player almost always does with his first paycheck. He bought himself a customized electric blue Escalade. It was his dream to buy it ever since his time with Marquette. The moment he had the money, he fulfilled it. 

Credit: Youtube/House of Hoops

Kyle Kuzma:
Personal Chef

Kuzma made a far better investment than most NBA players with his first paycheck. Instead of spending on parties, cars, or other fancy things, he got himself a private chef. As an NBA player, keeping a proper diet is the most important thing and Kuzma did just that. 

Credit: Youtube/Sky Hoops

Andre Iguodala: Sneakers

Alot of NBA fans are big sneaker-heads. So, it was very obvious that at least one of them would focus on building a collection of their own with their first big check. So, Andre Iguodala spent about $2000 just on NIke sneakers, mostly Jordans. 

Credit: Youtube/Ryan Van Dusen

LeBron James: Amusement park tickets

LeBron James did not just sign a lucrative contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but also signed a massive endorsement deal with Nike.  When he received the first installment of his endorsement deal, he decided to have fun with it.  He took his friends and loved one's to an Amusement park to celebrate his entry into the NBA. 

Credit: Youtube/GD's Latest Highlights


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