Here's How LeBron James' Six-Year-Old Daughter Zhuri is Taking Twitter By Storm

Once again, LeBron James' daughter Zhuri James took Twitter by storm after a candid moment of her playfully catching her dad on the camera caught everyone's attention.

This isn't the first time Zhuri has made us fall in love with her, and this won't be the last. 

Family man: LeBron James

For somebody as busy as LeBron James, who keeps himself the most fit athlete despite his age, must be too busy right? WRONG! In fact, he is always seen making time for his family. Whether it is attending his son Bronny James' basketball games, or spending quality time with Bryce and Zhuri and this story will be a classic example of that.

Credit: Youtube/Courtside Films

Zhuri in her truest form

Recently, Zhuri set Twitter ablaze as Overtime posted a video of her channeling her inner photographer. The 6-year-old looked like she was courtside at a basketball camp. Along with Zhuri, the rest of the James crew was also there, including LeBron, his mother Gloria, and son Bronny James. 

Credit: Twitter/Overtime

LeBron James' couldn't be more proud

King James couldn't help but react to the candid moment of his daughter caught on camera.  He reposted the video with hearts, celebrating what could be a possible career for Zhuri if she doesn't choose to join her father on the court. 

Credit: Twitter/Overtime

Real-life space jam 2?

LeBron's new Space Jam movie also revolves around a similar concept.  A broken father-son bond and have conflicts related to career choices.

Credit: Youtube/WMTV


Like mentioned, this wasn't the first time Zhuri made us fall in love with her. A while back, the two were seen getting some workout in before LeBron's last season.  Here's hoping we see more of their content!

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

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