How Kobe Bryant, LeBron James & Other NBA Superstars Used Hecklers To Motivate Themselves

In today's times, fans heckling athletes has become a part and parcel of the game.

While some NBA players succumb to the pressure and criticism, there are some who only get motivated by it. 

Here are those NBA legends that used heckling against their rivals.

Kobe Bryant

While playing the Boston Celtics, a woman from the audience was telling Ray Allen to "Stay on Him". But Kobe was not at all fazed by it, in fact, he dropped another three at the same spot and gave a brutal stare to not mess with him.

Credit: Youtube/Cosgrove

Damian Lillard

Mocking Damian Lillard also comes with a price and one such heckler learnt that after he kept screaming at Blazers' star from the sidelines. But Dame shut him up with his 34 point performance against Orlando and by winning the game. In a post-game interview, he revealed that it was because he wanted to shut the heckler up.

Credit: Twitter/Oliver Maroney

LeBron James

Rewind to 2008, when Bron and Chris Bosh had to play against each other, Bosh's cousin and girlfriend wouldn't stop heckling LeBron when he started off the game poorly. But then the fourth quarter happened and he ended up added 24 points alone, thanks to her. He was caught pointing at her and saying, "It's your fault."

Credit: Youtube/madeulook007

Dwyane Wade

Infamously known as the "Purple shirt Man" achieved something that most Dwyane Wade hecklers couldn't: He got noticed.  Usually, stoic Wade took notice of the headbanded fan hurling insults at him but D-Wade took his revenge on the court.

Credit: Twitter/Ben Golliver

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