Jayson Tatum's Poster Dunk on LeBron James, Allen Iverson's Iconic Crossover on Michael Jordan & Other Instances When Rookies Made a Fool of NBA Superstars

NBA superstars are constantly bullying rookies in games but when it's the other way around, it gives rookies motivation and a sense of achievement. 

In fact, it is even more entertaining. Here are some instances of Rookies demolishing NBA Stars!

Malcolm Brogd0n on Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

In one match, Brogdon not onlu posterized Kyrie Irving, who was in the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time, but moments later, also reverse dunked on LeBron James. Yes, we are used to Bron doing the dunking but sometimes it happens to the best too. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Jayson Tatum on LeBron James

Credit: Youtube/HNB Media TV- Highlights & Sports

Jayson Tatum submitted the biggets highlight of the ECF Game 7 against the Cavaliers as he hammered a dunk on top of the best, LeBron James. In fact, he even bodied LeBron after the dunk. Cocky much?

Allen Iverson on Michael Jordan

This is one of the most iconic moments in the NBA and what made Allen Iverson's career.  Iverson got a chance to face his idol MJ for the first time and what does he do?  Pulls of a crossover that we can never forget.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

Larry Markkanen on Stephen curry

Steph tried to make Markkanen foul him on the three-point line with the pump fake but Larry was smart. Instead, his block on Steph that hit the Warriors star on the head as well became iconic. This happened days after Markkanen had broken Steph's record of most threes by a rookie.

Credit: Youtube/CliveNBAParody

Nate Robinson on yao Ming

Speaking of humiliating blocks, this one is about a shorter guy proving that height doesn't always matter. Yao thought he had it easy but then the smallest player Nate Robinson blocked his dunk and also slammed his face. 

Credit: Youtube/Creamy Goodness

CJ McCollum on Dirk Nowitzki

When CJ McCollum introduced himself to Nowitzki,  it didn't turn out very pleasant for the Mavericks legend. In fact, he hit Nowitzki with a through the legs crossover so lethal that it left him spinning all around. Then CJ ended up sinking a triple. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Eric Paschall on LeBron and James HArden

Eric Paschall has humiliated the most NBA stars. He has picked the most dominant players in the NBA including LeBron James and James Harden to show off his moves. Now this is a rookie in style.

Credit: Youtube/Handles UP

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