Joel Embiid, Vernon Maxwell & Other NBA Players That Got Into Brawls With Fans

Getting into fights with teammates or opponents seems very normal for NBA players.

But when fans push their buttons, sometimes they also have to face the wrath of the NBA Players' anger. 

EssentiallySports brings some of these wild incidents worth watching!


Vernon Maxwell

Vernon is known as Mad Max for a reason. So, when a fan kept yelling at him during the game, Maxwell had enough. He went up about 10 rows and punched him hard.

Credit: Youtube/Hoops Nation

Malice at the Palace

The Pistons-Pacers brawl started by a fan was the ugliest fight the NBA has seen.  first Ben Wallace and Artest got into a fight. Then, a fan threw a drink at Ron that began a brawl betwen the two teams. It went up the the seats from the court and eventually the Referees had to put an end to the night immediately.

Credit: Youtube/pennyccw

Cedric Maxwell

While playing the 76ers in Game 6 of the East Finals, Maxwell was trying to grab a rebound when Darryl Dawkins pushed him out of bounds onto a fan. The fan didn't like it one bit and threw something at Maxwell.  Cedric lost his cool and charged back.

Credit: Dailymotion/Larry Legend

Joel Embiid

Back in 2018, Embiid was out to take in some tailgate action prior the Eagles win over Falcons. But another fan got rowdy with him and Joel attacked back in full force.

Credit: Youtube/TMZSports

Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis


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