Kawhi Leonard, Victor Oladipo, and Others' Vicious Dunks in NBA 2020-21 Season

As the 2021 NBA season gets more interesting day by day, We also get to witness some killer dunks by players. 

Let's revisit some of the most recent vicious dunks that one can't miss out.


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Victor Oladipo

Not only did the Miami Heat defeat the Lakers, but Victor Oladipo also dropped some vicious dunks that night and humiliated Andre Drummond with it. Unfortunately, he suffered a knee injury after it because of which he was sidelined.

Credit: Youtube/DUNKFEST NBA

Lauri Markkanen

Lauri Markkenen's two-handed slam against Aron Baynes of Toronto Raptors was unbelievable!

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

Maurice Harkless

While the Sacramento Kings had one of the worst games in a long time, the silver lining was Maurice's poster dunk on Pistons Isaiah Stewart. Although it was quickly overlooked because of how bad the Kings were playing.

Credit: Twitter/Kings on NBCS

Kawhi Leonard

Clippers' Kawhi Leonard has shown some crazy dunks in his career but this one against a seven-footer Deandre Ayton of the Phoenix Suns ranks high in that list.

Credit: Youtube/TopFanTV

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