Kevin Durant Leading the Way, Zach LaVine Dropping Some Incredible Dunks & Other Team USA vs Australia Semifinals Highlights

Devin Booker couldn't be more spot on describing this incredible matchup. In the postgame interview, he called the Team USA vs Australia Tokyo Olympic semifinals "a tale of two halves". 

After trailing for the most part of the first half, the Americans flipped the entire game in their favour in the third quarter and won 97-78. 

Before Team USA heads towards clinching another gold, take a look at the highlights.

Joe Ingles starts on the right foot

Joe Ingles came out firing, hitting his first two 3 pointers. However, both teams were struggling on the offense in the opening minutes. They combined 4 of 15 from the field. 

Credit: Youtube/SG Pinoy TV

Kevin Durant, as usual, leading Team USA

Kevin Durant had 8 of Team USA's first 16 points. By the end of the first quarter, Australia was leading 24-18.

Credit: Youtube/SG Pinoy TV

Team USA's crumbling defense

USA's transition defense was terrible. Nobody was picking up the ball and Chris Goulding had already hit his second three in a row. Coming off the bench, he had 8 points in less than 5 minutes. 

Credit: Twitter/ Rayan

Team USA trailing by 15

Midway through the second quarter, Team USA was doing by 15 points. The Australians were outplaying the USA on both ends of the floor. 

Credit: Twitter/The Mamba Show

Devin Booker's three gets back their rhythm

After 10 consecutive misses, Devin Booker drains Team USA's first three-pointer of the game. By halftime, Team USA chopped down the deficit with a 14-4 run. It was 45-42, with Australia leading by 3 points.

Credit: Youtube/SG Pinoy TV

Just give Kevin Durant the ball

Kevin Durant's midrange-jumper and free throws, had Team USA start off on a 7-0 run in the third quarter. He had stacked up 23 points and got their first lead of the game.

Credit: Twitter/Naveen Ganglani

Zach Lavine's incredible dunk

Jrue Holiday was absolutely fantastic in this contest. But it was Zach LaVine who put the perfect full stop to an incredible third quarter. The USA outscored Australia 32-10. USA was now leading 74-55.

Credit: Youtube/SG Pinoy TV

Team USA on a roll!

Team USA had suddenly become unstoppable. With 4 minutes left in regulation, USA was up by 20 points. Australia looked like it had already thrown in the towel as Patty Mills and walked towards the bench

Credit: Twitter/The Mamba Show

Team USA heading for the gold!

With KD's 23 points and Booker's 20 points, USA was able to wrap it up and the score was 97-78. USA is now one win away from getting their fourth consecutive gold. 

Credit: Youtube/SG Pinoy TV

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