Kobe Bryant, LeBron James & Other Lakers Legends That Changed Their Jersey Numbers Multiple Times

With LeBron James Making the headlines for changing his jersey number after the lakers' early exit from the playoffs this season, has everyone wondering who are other NBA legends that have changed their jersey numbers over the years.

Gail Goodrich
No. 11 to no. 25

When Gail joined the Lakers, the No. 25 was taken  so he settled for No. 11.  But when he was moved to the Suns, he took No. 25 and kept it when he was traded back to the Lakers two years later. This Hall of Famer's jersey is hanging in Staples Center.

Credit: Youtube/Lakers Nation

Eddie  Jones
No. 25 to no. 6

When Jones joined the Lakers as a rookie in 1994, Goodrich's jersey was not yet retired and was already worn by four other players. But by 1996, Gail's jersey was put in the rafters and Eddie switched to No.6. 

Credit: Youtube/Veoshock !!

Kobe Bryant
No. 8 to no. 24

The No. 8 was a homage to the jersey he wore in his youth in Italy. The other reason was when he participated in Adidas ABCD camp, he wore No. 143 and 1 + 4+3 =8. But he changed to No.24 after his rival teammate Shaq was traded from the Lakers and he needed a fresh start.

Credit: Twitter/Obsessed Lakers Fan

Metta World Peace
No. 37 to No. 15 and back to no. 37

Metta World Peace picked 37 because of Jackson's Thriller album which was on top of the charts for straight 37 weeks. Then after his above clutch shot in NBA Finals against the Celtics, he changed his No. 15 only yo return to the Lakers later and stick to his original jersey No.

Credit: Youtube/rebornatm23

LeBron James
No. 23 to No. 6

LBJ wanted No 23 to be retired when he was with the Cavs to honour MJ. When he joined Miami Heat, he switched to No. 6 and after coming to the Lakers he came to No. 23 again. After the Lakers' bad luck this season, Bron wants to switch back to No. 6 to channel the energy he brought to the Heat dynasty. This number is close to his heart and still shows up with it for practice.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

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