Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant & Other NBA Stars Who Have Bested Michael Jordan

As one of the greatest players to ever hold the basketball, the perception is that at one point in his career, he was unstoppable.
 While this is true for the most part, there were some players who did give Michael Jordan a hard time and outplayed him too. Have a look!


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Kevin McHale

McHale was one of the Boston Celtics' best players back in the 1980s. And whenever the 6'10" Hall of Fame power forward met Jordan in a matchup, they always won. He was a big thorn for MJ in the early years of his career.

Credit: Youtube/thedanger3

Larry Bird

Jordan and Larry Bird always put up a show when they faced each other. However, Bird always bested Jordan when it came to career records.

Credit: Youtube/Michael Jordan Archive

Bill Laimbeer

Jordan himself describes the Pistons as one of the toughest teams he has had to face. And Bill Laimbeer was not only physically tougher than MJ but also fouled him more than anyone else.

Credit: Youtube/Michael Jordan Archive

Dominique Wilkins

We all know the famous face-off in the Dunk Contest between Jordan and Wilkins. However, in the contest in 1985, he actually defeated Jordan.

Credit: Youtube/Hoops Madness

Kobe Bryant

Although Kobe bested Jordan only during the last season of MJ's career, their final matchup is actually called passing of the torch to another legend. 


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