LeBron James Best Crossovers and Ankle Breakers Against Joel Embiid, Tim Duncan and Others

LeBron James is no stranger to fancy moves and there may be plenty of other players with skills up their sleeves. 
But nobody can manipulate and confuse his rivals on the court like King James can.
Here are some of his crossovers and ankle breakers to blow your mind!


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LeBron James vs Thabo Sefolosha

Thabo Sefolosha tried to invade Bron's space many times here. In fact, those attempts on trying to get the ball were great but it was like poking the beast and then there was no stopping LeBron.

Credit: Youtube/ Allen Wang

LeBron James vs Tim Duncan

These two have locked horns several times and both superstars of their teams. However, this crossover by James against Duncan shows how effortlessly Bron plays his opponents.

Credit: YouTube/MJO Mixes

LeBron James vs Nicolas Batum

What is an ankle breaker if it doesn't send some player flying off the court? Well, only LeBron James can pull it off against the Blazers' Nicolas Batum.

Credit: YouTube/MJO Mixes

LeBron James vs Austin Rivers

LeBron's shifty moves broke Austin Rivers' ankles when he was playing for the LA Clippers. What's more embarrassing than being schooled by the GOAT in front of your coach, Doc Rivers, who is also your father.

Credit: YouTube/CliveNBAParody

LeBron James vs Joel Embiid

Both of them are running for the MVP race right now but back then, Bron pulled off a nutmeg between Tristan Thompson's legs and crosser over Embiid and finally basket!

Credit: YouTube/Bleacher Report

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