LeBron James Flops 2021: From Chris Paul to Draymond Green

Bron is nicknamed the king of flops and over the years he has given some incredible dramatic flops that have kept us entertained. 

And now that the Lakers are out from the playoffs, let's take a look at what we've seen so far in the season.

Lakers vs GSW Draymond Green

When Draymond Green fouled Bron during their play-in tournament, LBJ was arguing for it to be declared flagrant. This led to even CJ McCollum labeling him the "actor of the year" on Twitter. Watch for yourself!

Credit: Twitter/SportsCenter

Lakers vs Suns
Chris Paul

After missing his second free throw, LeBron charged at the rim to grab his missed shot. While doing so, he acted as if he rammed into Chris Paul which was merely a slight contact. Hilarious!

Credit: Twitter/SportsCenter

LAkers vs Suns
Juan Toscano-Anderson

Another clear flop against Warriors' JTA, who was driving towards the bucket and LeBron tries to defend and goes flying as if he was hit on his chin. However, a close up angle shows their was no contact at all.

Credit: Youtube/BAKETS

Lakers vs Grizzlies
Dillon Brooks

Anthony Davis takes a shot from the arc, and LBJ and Brooks go for the rebounds. Despite minimal contact, he threw his arms in the air and fell to the floor, drawing a laughable foul. For this, he even received a warning from the league for violating their anti-flopping rule.

Credit: Twitter/NBA Official

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