LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Lonzo Ball and Other NBA Stars Who Featured in The Ellen DeGeneres ShoW

We rarely get to see NBA players in an element other than just competitive. In the past few years, several players have been on the Ellen Show and showcased a never-before-seen side of them.
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Russell Westbrook

Nobody has ever seen Westbrook in black and cream striped shirts with shorts and a fedora-type hat. Not only did he talk about his book 'Style Drivers', but also expressed being a father to his first born, Noah.

Credit: Youtube/ Colby Martel

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade's conversation with Ellen was an eye-opener. He opened up about his child's gender identity and tried to spread the message that one should support their children no matter what.

Credit: YouTube/TheEllenShow

Lonzo Ball

This interview had Lonzo Ball, along with his dramatic father LaVar Ball. This interview was when Lonzo had started playing for the Lakers and LaVar could not stop praising his son. 

Credit: YouTube/TheEllenShow

Stephen Curry

IWhile we always see Steph Curry dominating on the court, it was a nice change of pace when his wife Ayesha had to be his hands and cook together. Anybody would die laughing!

Credit: YouTube/TheEllenShow

LeBron James

From talking about his love for gyming, shooting hoops with Ellen and drinking shots, LeBron does it all.

Credit: YouTube/ Colby Martel

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