LeBron James Was Not The Only NBA Star Casted In His Hollywood Debut with Former Knicks All-Star Also Appearing In The Same Movie

It's likely you've already seen LeBron James' acting debut in Trainwreck. There is no doubt that his acting was up to par and that the fans showed their love and support for this movie. However, LeBron James was not the only NBA star cast for his Hollywood debut, as a former Knicks star appeared as well. Click here to check it out!

As Dr. Aaron Conners, Amar’e Stoudemire also made a crucial cameo in Trainwreck in which he is criticized for picking the wrong knee for the battered big man.

It also features Amy Schumer, a proud alcoholic whose single days are threatened by true love.

“We would throw new stuff at him that wasn’t in the script and he would just be…very ready,” Schumer said of Amar’e Stoudemire’s appearance. “And he could just keep up with [me and Bill] which, I guess any five-year-old could do but he was great at it.”

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