Looking Back At Shaquille O'Neal and Dennis Rodman's Most Heated Face-off's

Both Shaquille O'Neal and Dennis Rodman were known for different reasons in the NBA. 

While Shaq's size and skills made him the most dominant and scariest player in the league, Rodman was known for his unique dressing sense and behaviour.

However, the two have butted heads on numerous occasions. Looks like opposites don't attract in this case.

1996 ECF
Game 1

Shaquille O'Neal tackled Dennis Rodman to get to the rim but Rodman could not tolerate it. He decided to lock Shaq and pull him down with full force. Shaq was visibly furious!

Credit: Youtube/ BBall Vault

1996 ECF 
Game 3

Shaq and Rodman are both heading to grab the offensive rebound when Rodman backs into Shaq leading him to fall. However, Shaq wouldn't go down alone and grabs Dennis' leg, and down he goes too.

Credit: YouTube/Hoops Madness

1996 EF
Game 4

In an attemt to get into the paint, Shaq pushed Rodman hard which eventually breaks into, yes... you guessed it right! A scuffle between the two. 

Credit: Youtube/BBall Vault


After a rebound, things turn into a war zone between Shaq and Rodman. He pushes Rodman and Dennis retaliates. In fact, Dennis had to be tackled down to stop their brawl.

Credit: Youtube/BBall Vault


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