Looking Back at the Day LeBron James Broke Michael Jordan's All-Time Playoff Scoring Record

There is a reason why LeBron James was named the 'Chosen One'. Everyone saw a reflection of Michael Jordan in the superstar and ever since the GOAT debate is alive. 

But when he surpassed MJ in the playoff's scoring record, he further solidified his case. Let's take a trip back to the historic day!

Eastern Conference Finals 2017

It was Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2017 against the Boston Celtics. Although they won the series eventually, Bron had created history already.

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LeBron's 5,995 > MJ's 5,987

By scoring 35 points in total, he reached 5,995 in his career and Jordan's record was 5,987.

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How fast did LBJ achieve this feat?

Jordan achieved the highest scoring spot within 179 postseason games from 1985-2003. However, Bron was a tad bit late as he defeated Bron in his 212th game of the postseason. Better later than never right?

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How many points did he need coming into this game?

The Cavs superstar came into this game needing 28 points to break MJ's record. In the third quarter, he grabbed that spot with a dagger three-pointer.

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LBJ still residing on the throne

This was four years ago, and even today Bron is the all-time top scorer in the playoffs. And now, he has 7,509 points. Beyond reach from the rest...

Credit: YouTube/Latest Sports- Viral Sports Clips


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