Magic Johnson Drops the Hammer on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as LeBron James Nears Iconic NBA Scoring Record

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was one of the most dominant forces in the NBA during his playing days. Many would have thought that when he left the game, no NBA player would come close to the many records he had set. abdul-Jabbar had won many MVPs, All-Star selections, and scored the most points in the history of the sport. He is still the league’s all-time leading scorer. However, many fans are expecting another legendary player, LeBron James, to overtake Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record. ‘King’ James is on the verge of setting a new world record.

Both players are poster boys for longevity. Abdul-Jabbar left the game when he was 42 years old. James is currently 37. With a few more years in the game, and the incredible shape he is in, James can set a new all-points record. Abdul-Jabbar retired with a colossal score of 38,387, while ‘King’ James is currently at 37,144.
Entering his 20th season in the NBA, James just might re-write history. Moreover, the Lakers star is also on the verge of breaking another legend, Magic Johnson’s record. James is just 97 assists behind Johnson from overtaking him in the all-time assists list as well.

Watching a player climb the ladder and surpass both Johnson and Abdul-Jabbar in a single season will be an unforgettable moment for NBA fans. And if LeBron James achieves that feat, could he be considered the undisputed GOAT or will Michael Jordan still be the GOAT of basketball? That is one topic for the fans to debate about.

In a recent interview, Johnson was asked about how abdul-Jabbar would deal with James beating his record. “I don’t think Kareem will handle it well,” said Johnson. He added that it would be a hard pill to swallow for the lakers legend, who has had that title for almost 40 years.

Johnson also said that abdul-Jabbar would have thought that his record would stand for a few more years, if not decades. In the interview, he revealed that he still hopes that LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would maintain their good relationship even if ‘King’ James breaks his record.

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