Michael Jordan and Charlotte Hornets, LeBron James and Liverpool FC, & Other NBA Players Who Own a Stake in Sports Franchises

Because NBA players are global icons, they have the power to exert their influence in sports apart from their own. 
They do this by becoming owners and stakeholders in other franchises. 
Baseball, football, and even in the NBA, some players own a share of the stake. 

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Giannis Antetokounmpo: Milwaukee Brewers

Giannis Antetokounmpo not only won his first NBA championship for the Milwaukee Bucks after 50 years, but he also joined the ownership group of the Milwaukee Brewers, an American professional baseball team based in Wisconsin. He became the first individual investor of this group since 2005 and he couldn't help but publicize his achievement to the world on his Instagram.

Credit: Youtube/WISN 12 News

Magic Johnson:
Los Angeles Dodgers

The amount of success Magic Johnson achieved while playing for the LA Lakers, he had hoped to recreate as he became a part of the group that bought the baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012. Well, the Dodgers did win the World Series in 2020, so Magic did add another championship accolade to his name.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

LeBron James:
Liverpool and Boston Red Sox

Although LeBron only owns 2 percent of the Liverpool club, but he became a part wonder of the baseball team, Boston Red Sox, by joining the Fenway Sports Group. With this, LBJ  will have a foot in basketball, football, and even baseball. 

Credit: Youtube/Liverpool FC

Michael Jordan:
Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan is the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets. After buying this team for $180 million, that figure has now burgeoned to $1.5 billion. Yet the Hornets are still one of the lower-valued teams.

Credit: Youtube/CliveNBAParody

Dwyane Wade:
Utah Jazz

In April 2021, the Utah Jazz announced that Dwyade Wade will be joining the youngest ownership group in the NBA. The group is headed by technology entrepreneur Ryan Smith, who along with his wife Ashley, acquired a majority interest in Jazz in 2020. Smith and Wade have known each other for several years and wanted to work together in several capacities. 

Credit: Youtube/ MLG Highlights

Kevin Durant:
Philadelphia Union

At a time when the NBA was at a halt because of COVID-19 restrictions, Kevin Durant was busy expanding his sporting footprint. In June 2020, he purchased a 5% stake in the Major League Soccer team, Philadelphia Union. He made it happen through his firm Thirty-Five Ventures, which he runs alongside sports executive Rich Kleiman. In fact, he even has an option of purchasing another 5% sometime later.

Credit: Youtube/ ESPN FC

James Harden:
Houston Dynamo & Dash

Harden added a 5% stake in the group that controls MLS' Houston Dynamo and National Woman Soccer League's Houston Dash. Just a year later, he celebrated with the NWSL team as they won a championship game of the NWSL Challenge cup. Well, at least he is adding titles next to his name somewhere. 

Credit: Twitter/ Mark Burman


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