a Mother Called $400 Million Worth Shaquille O'Neal A "m**f**" Causing a $40 Million Sacrifice from the 7 ft Superhero

Shaquille O’Neal was a monster of a man during his NBA career. The super freak giant was unstoppable as he crushed his opponents. After a dominant year in LSU, Shaq’s name was around every corner of the league. Likewise, the Orlando Magic got their hands on the first pick in 1992 and signed him up. His talent was also enough to bring in his first endorsement deal with Reebok worth $15 million. The Big Diesel donned the shoe for most part of his career. Releasing the Shaq Attack and Shaqnosis, he became the pivotal reason the iconic shoe brand was making it back to the top. However, that was until one day O’Neal realized the truth behind players’ signature shoes. As the sneakers caught the eye, the price point was hefty. Not everyone could afford Shaq’s sneakers. And one day, a mother confronted the 15-time All-Star for making expensive sets of kicks.

The angry woman cussed Shaquille O’Neal out by calling him an “m*****f****r”. While Big Diesel doesn’t take well to disrespect, this changed his mindset completely. He became the man outside of basketball making it a mission to bring good quality shoes to every kid in the USA. The Los Angeles Lakers legend was by far Reebok’s biggest athlete. His sneakers were a hit across the world racking up impressive numbers. Likewise, the brand wanted to keep the megastar for another five years. And a $40 million five-year deal was waiting for Shaq’s signature.

But right before he could go ahead with the contract, he met a mother who exposed the truth. She saw the 7-foot giant after a game and bashed him for making expensive sneakers. In an attempt to make up for it, O’Neal offered the woman $2000. However, she slapped the money away and said: “‘Why don’t you m*****f*****s make a shoe that’s affordable?’” Shaq was hit with reality after the scolding. Growing up in a poor family himself, Shaq never had the best sneakers on his feet.

But he didn’t want any kids to feel left out. Likewise, Big Diesel closed the doors on Reebok’s massive contract. And he went on to start his own shoe brand, the Shaq brand. His goal was to make shoes that kids will feel good wearing and were available at an affordable rate. Ranging from $19-$29, O’Neal became a beacon of change. He sold over 400 million shoes and made many children’s dreams come true. However, his relationship with Reebok never went south.

After the iconic sports brand was sold to the Authentic Brands Group, Shaq made his way back to the giants. He has been the second-largest stakeholder since 2015. Making a major decision during his prime, O’Neal became a legend off the court as well. To this day, he regularly uses his massive $400 million to good use.
Shaquille O’Neal has made it a habit to cover bills and even help out the needy whenever he can.

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