Moments to Look Out For in The League's Short Film 'NBA Lane' That Commemorates Their 75th Anniversary

In celebration of 75 years of the NBA, the league has come out with a short film that is worth a watch. 
Set in a fictional neighborhood, the bus driver who is Michael B. Jordan takes kids on a tour around it which is a journey with the personalities of the past, present, and future, that helped shape the way the NBA is today. 
Here is a quick look at some moments that fans should look closely for in the video. 

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird as friendly neighbors

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson's rivalry goes back to college days. And when they entered the NBA, they were picked by rival teams, Johnson to the Lakers and Bird to the Celtics.  This set the stage for one of the greatest rivalries ever in the NBA. The two met each other in NBA finals thrice, with the Lakers winning 2 out of the Celtics' 1.  And in this video, the two were greeting each other as neighbors, how wonderful!

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Dwyane Wade screaming "this is my house"

Back in 2009, Dwyane Wade hit a game-winning three-pointer for Miami Heat. After which, he jumped on the scorer's table screaming, "This is my house."  This was a signature moment of Wade's career and he recreated it in the video while standing in his own driveway.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Oscar Robertson reading the newspaper about Russel Westbrook breaking his triple-double record

Making Westbrook and Oscar Robertson licing across each other is only fitting as they are the two kings of triple-double in NBA history. And Oscar reading about Westbrook breaking his record was the icing on the cake. Then you hear Michael B. Jordan telling the kids, "That's the flyest dresses in the NBA," while gesturing at Westbrook.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Dirk Nowitzki learning the signature skyhook from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Dirk Nowitzki and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have two of the most deadly signature moves. The former has the one-legged fade away and the latter has the skyhook. But in the video, Kareem is teaching Dirk to pull of his move. Kareem's 38,387 points are the most in the NBA and the skyhook deserves the most credit for it.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Trae Young depicting his nickname "Ice Trae"

The video also features a nod to Trae Young's nickname "Ice Trae". The star guard only has a few seconds in it, in which he is feeling up a cooler with ice. This homage to his nickname is something avid NBA fans will catch right away.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Robert Horry throws a peace sign and then a plus five

On the outdoor court, "Big Shot Bob" shows a quick peace sign and then adds his other five fingers from the other hand to signify his 7 championships. This is the most any NBA player in league's history has won, who was not part of the Boston Celtics from the 1950s to 60s. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA

 Dikembe Mutombo's finger wag as the crosswalk signal

The attention to detail in this video is absolutely unbelievable that even the crosswalk signal got a basketball makeover. The walk sign was the NBA logo silhouette, but the don't walk sign was replaced with the signature Mutombo finger wag. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Devin Booker plays tribute to a Kobe Bryant mural in his antique car

Booker stops behind the "Hoop Bus" in one his many sweet antique cars. And then sees a Kobe Bryant mural that read, "Be legendary." This is why Booker was chosen because this is what Kobe penned on the jersey to Booker during their jersey swap. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA

LeBron James Chalk Toss in his garden

LeBron James' chalk toss was a staple of his pre-game ritual but this time, in the video, he does it in his garden. While LeBron is tending to his garden, instead of planting the seeds, he uses his signature chalk toss to spread them across the soil.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

"Now That's Just Fun" with Kawhi Leonard

They even included a spin-off of Kawhi's famous press conference with the Toronto Raptors  where he said, "I'm a fun guy." So, when the hoop bus passed him by, Michael B. Jordan tells the kids, "Now, that's just fun". All smiles, Kawhi proves how right that statement really is.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

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