Moments When LeBron James' Legacy Was on The Line But he Fought Back

One could go all day about LeBron James' accolades and achievements but today we will be looking at three very close calls in his career. 

Times when he was a hair away from failure and could have dented his legacy beyond repair. But it was his greatness that kept his storied career alive. 

Let's take a look...

Game 6 of ECF vs Boston Celtics

After announcing that Miami Heat would be unbeatable when he left the Cavs for them, LeBron lost to the Mavs the following year. They were the most hated team. However, the Heat meat their comeback the next season and despite losing their lead to the Celtics in the ECF, eventually Bron switched on his beast mode in game 6 and won his first championship that year.

Credit: Youtube/ ESPN

2013, NBA Finals
 Game 6

People were saying that the Spurs were going to finish Heat's short-lived success from last year. So, when they met in the Finals, Spurs had a 3-2 series lead. But Ray Allen's three-pointer saved Miami. However, if it wasn't for Bron's 16 points in the fourth quarter, the Heat wouldn't have been alive at all. After this, Bron won another title.

Credit: YouTube/NBA

2016 NBA Finals

After winning in 2013, he lost in 2014, giving him a 2-4 finals record. It seemed like 2016 was going to turn into 2-5. In Game 7 of the series, Bron's block on Andre Iguodala became their savior. He then finally completing his dream of winning a title for his hometown.

Credit: Youtube/NBA


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