Moments When Michael Jordan was Just Plain Mean To Steve Kerr, Kwame Brown & Others

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest of all time because of his hypercompetitive nature. 

Not surprising at all, there are anecdotes from players and teammates that describe how brutal Jordan could be with his words.

Here are a few of those...


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Destroyed Muggsey Bogues

In the 1995 NBA playoffs, the Bulls were facing the Hornets. Bogues had one of the biggest posessions and Jordan actually took a step back and said 'Shoot it, you f****** midget.  Mugsy even believes this ruined his career.

Credit: Youtube/Vintage Console Gaming

Busting kwame brown

Brown has been one of the biggest NBA Draft busts of all time.  And while playing for the Washington Wizards, Jordan didn't go easy on him. There is a rumor that he reduced Kwame to tears in front of the team.

Credit: Youtube/Kwames GreatestFan

Shooting down rodney mccray

Rodney joined the Bulls in 1992 when he was 31 and wanted to win a title desperately. But he didn't know this came with MJ shouting, 'You're a loser. You've always been a loser' during scrimmages.

Credit: Youtube/Mike Korzemba

Bullying bill cartwright

Why wouldn't Jordan be mad if the Bulls released his favorite player and got one from their rival team. MJ called him 'Medical Bill', while also giving him impossible to handle passes in practices.

Credit: YouTube/and1hotsauc3

Punching Steve Kerr