Playing Through Injuries, Motivating His Teammates & Other Kobe Bryant Moments That Define His Mamba Mentality

The reason why Kobe Bryant's fan following is immense is because of his mindset, not just on the court, but off as well. It transcends beyond the obvious. 

So, let's look at some of those moments that will help us remember his Mamba Mentality.

Motivating teammates

We all have heard stories about Kobe being hard on his teammates and motivating them during practice but until you see it, you won't believe it. He always believed that leadership meant inspiring others and helping them grow with you and this is how he did his part. 

Credit: Youtube/T.Jay

Playing through injuries

Nothing stopped Kobe. Not even a dislocated finger? Nope, not a chance. During a game back in 2016 against the San Antonio Spurs, Kobe fell and suffered a right dislocated finger. So, he went to the sidelines and as soon as trainer Gary Vitti popped it right back in, Kobe returned to play like nothing happened. 

Credit: Youtube/T.Jay

Used hecklers to motivate himself

During a game against the Boston Celtics, a woman from the sidelines yelled at Ray Allen "stay on him". But Kobe was not at all fazed. In fact, he dropped a three at the same spot and gave her a stare that clearly stated not to mess with him. 

Credit: Youtube/Cosgrove

Unaffected by threats

We all know the infamous game Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes kept butting heads with each other. But one moment became iconic and defined Mamba Mentality to the T. Barnes was inbounding the ball but ended up throwing the ball inches close to Kobe's face to scare him and Kobe.... didn't even blink. 

Credit: Youtube/T. Jay

Kobe focused on big achievements

The Lakers were up by 2-0 against Orlando Magic during the 2009 NBA Finals. So, when a reporter asked him if he was happy, Kobe was blunt and said, What's there to be happy about? The job isn't done." 

Credit: Youtube/Millenials

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