Poster on Dwight Howard, Clamping Up Kyrie Irving & Other Instances When Kobe Bryant Humiliated His Opponents

With the most decorated NBA career's of all time to being the best scorer and most competitive on the court, Kobe Bryant had it all. 

But he also had the ability to invigorate his opponents, whether it was by his dunks or his defense. 

So, here are some NBA players who were brutally humiliated by the Lakers legend.

Dwight Howard

Getting dunked on is humiliating but on a scale of 1-10, Kobe's dunk on Dwight Howard was an 11. It silenced the crowd and made Dwight the center of jokes for all season. And imagine, this was rookie Howard's welcome to the NBA moment!

Credit: Youtube/smoki2323

Matt Barnes

back in 2011, Matt Barnes and Kobe had a war of words over a rebound. But when the ball goes out of bounds, Matt is the inbounder and Kobe is standing right in front. Barnes tries to fake a throw and the ball is inches away from Kobe's face. However, Kobe didn't even move an inch, proving that nothing scares the Mamba.

Credit: Youtube/TheBasketballFail

Yao Ming

If you are seven foot and five inches tall, getting dunked on is not something you'd expect. But Kobe climbed that Everest and in 2005 posterized Ming, something nobody had done. 

Credit: Youtube/RenKoh0301

Ray Allen

This one started off with Ray Allen embarrassing Kobe by stopping the ball from him at half-court. But then Kobe chases him down and spiked his feeble layup attempt into the floor like a volleyball.

Credit: Youtube/EverythingBall

Kyrie Irving

Irving was constantly challenging Kobe to a one-on-one and they were finally pitted against each other in 2013. Kyrie's teammates are all over and Bryant forces him to shoot a contested turn-around shot which he beautifully blocks.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

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