Rappers Quavo & Takeoff Drop 'Sensational' Tribute to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

During the NBA’s golden age, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan were unbeatable with their different styles of play. Furthermore, they were quite famous for their friendship and brotherhood off the court as well.
On the court, we saw their competitive nature result in great things. And off the court, we saw them helping each other become better players. Jordan often talked about how Kobe sometimes called him in the middle of the night to talk about basketball.

“He used to call me, text me, 11:30, 12:30, 3 in the morning, talking about post-up moves, footwork, and sometimes the triangle. At first, it was an aggravation, but then it turned into a certain passion,” recalled Jordan. To celebrate their basketball skills and the history they have made in the world of sports, Quavo and Takeoff surprised their fans with a special gift.

This news was announced earlier this month. As part of the announcement of their upcoming release, they revealed the album’s title and release date. As the album’s name suggests, 'Only Built for Infinity Links.' They also included a sneak peek of who it would be dedicated to in the caption. “Mike and Kobe, OCT 7th Only Built For Infinity Links” Quavo posted this caption with a picture that shows their celebration for the album.

This Will Be The Duo’s First Tracklist Release. Following This, NBA Fans Couldn’t Resist Themselves As Rappers Quavo & Takeoff Pay Tribute To Jordan & Kobe. In addition to the fans, celebrities also expressed their reactions after the event.

Starting off the year they released some singles together like “Hotel Lobby,” another single with Birdman featuring “Big Stunna.” In addition, “Us vs. Them” with Gucci Mane was also released. As for this record, the name refers to Raekwon’s solo album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, released in 1995.

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