Rockets Legend 'Chucks' Shaquille O'Neal on a Christmas Tree Like a Piece of Paper

‘Inside the NBA’ is arguably the leading basketball show on the planet. Winning 11 Emmys, the TNT network’s show has been a huge hit. The blend of theatrics and basketball analytics has made fans adore the show. However, it would be nothing without the star cast, comprising of Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith. These personalities have become household names in the realm of the NBA. And as Christmas approaches, they once again surprised their loyal fanbase. Notably, it was the Big Diesel who became the victim this time on the show. The ‘Inside the NBA’ crew is iconic for many reasons. Three of the hosts are NBA legends. While Charles Barkley and Shaq are enshrined in the Hall of Fame, Smith has a keen knowledge of the game of basketball. He is often the one breaking down NBA clashes and highlighting the great plays. Then the action switches over to Shaq and Chuck. Their love-hate relationship makes for comedic moments almost every night. The pair are constantly looking to embarrass each other as they disagree on matters. And to wrap it up is a much-respected TV personality in Ernie Johnson who tries to keep everyone in line best he can

Kenny Smith pushes Shaquille O’Neal into the Christmas tree

There are several segments on the show. Some have Barkley guessing the teams of various NBA stars, while there are some which expose the crew for their hilarious general knowledge. 

However, For Smith, One Segment Is Very Dear To Him, And That Is The Race To The Video Board. With The Nickname ‘Jet’, It Is Only Fitting To See The Two-Time NBA Champion Come Out On Top. While He Has Taken Some Losses Over The Years, Today Wasn’t Going To Be One.CREDIT: YOUTUBE/ BLEACHER REPORT 

The same thing has happened in the past 

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the ‘Jet’ has done this to the four-time NBA champion. Around seven years ago, the Lakers legend got pushed into the tree. Right around the time of sharing gifts, all it took was eye contact for the duo to begin the race. As Shaq got the head start, Smith saw the loss in front of his eyes. Likewise, to avoid embarrassment, he pushed the three-time Finals MVP right out of the way.

It seems the Rockets legend is getting back at the Big Aristotle for all the torture he has given him over the years. But knowing Shaquille O’Neal, he might just come back for vengeance soon.

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