Shaquille O’Neal Getting Slapped by Kevin Hart in the Head at the Super Bowl and Other Rib Tickling Moments from the Duo

The world had its eyes glued as the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. Numerous celebrities were in attendance to see NFL history being made in front of their eyes. Even big names from the NBA world were in attendance to see who would come out on top on football’s biggest night. Among those were NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and Hollywood superstar Kevin Hart, who ended up ‘punching’ the big man, leading LeBron James to react online. Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Hart have an amusing relationship that fans love. Their interactions and hilarious altercations often make news and prompt a laugh out of many as the two share undeniable chemistry together.

LeBron James loses it after seeing a video by Shaq

During the Super Bowl, Shaq went to his Instagram to address his fans about his presence at the event. As he was addressing his fans, Kevin Hart came out of nowhere and seemingly punched Shaq right in the side of the head. 

Hart taunted Shaq as he looked taken aback at the whole ordeal. It took the big man a couple of seconds to realize what had just happened. The Lakers legend still posted that video on his official Instagram page. He captioned the video, “This means war @kevinhart4real go @dallascowboys.”

LeBron James couldn’t help but laugh at the whole incident between the two. He commented under Shaq’s post with a number of laughing emojis.
Hart was wearing an Eagles jersey, while Shaq finished the video by saying, “Go Cowboys,” as he is a massive fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Kevin Hart and Shaquille O’Neal go way back

 Kevin Hart and Shaquille O’Neal often poke fun at each other and have been doing so over the years. Though the two have immense love for one another, fans do love to see these two getting into verbal arguments. The two usually get into little tiffs, be it on the ‘NBA on TNT’ show or on their social media. One of their most iconic interactions has been when Shaq posed as a police officer to pull over Kevin Hart during the ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ show.

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