Stephen Curry’s Secret Weapon That Kept Him Injury Free and Helped the Warriors Star Clinch NBA Finals MVP

Interestingly enough, it is not only his shooting and basketball skills that helped him win his first-ever Finals MVP award. Curry wore the special Curry 4 FloTro shoes during the 7 game series against the Boston Celtics. This is not just any ordinary basketball shoe. This shoe helped Stephen Curry stay injury free during the finals as it provided stability to the Golden State Warriors superstar.

Popular YouTuber, Foot Doctor Zach, delved deep into the Curry 4 FloTro shoes and he explained how it helped the former MVP gain balance, which subsequently improved his performance. Interestingly enough, the YouTuber analyzed the shoe which helped Curry to keep his ankles injury free and beyond.

He said, “These give you more of a reliable grip on the court, the ankle brace can kind of work a little bit better. When you are pivoting and turning on these, as long as you know these are going to grab the court well, you can have a little bit more confidence in your movement.” Moreover, Zach also revealed that these shoes helped Curry shoot quickly. That explains all the quick-fire three-pointers!

The Golden State Warriors star has had problems with his ankles ever since his debut in the NBA. Moreover, the Milwaukee Bucks once rejected Curry back in 2012 for his ankles!

 The two teams almost confirmed an Andrew Bogut and Stephen Curry trade but the Bucks doctors rejected Steph over his ankle concerns.

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