Stepping Over Draymond Green, Clawing at Patrick Beverley & Other Moments LeBron James Completely Lost his Cool

In 18 years of his career, LeBron James is respected for not throwing himself into unnecessary brawls but that doesn't mean he never had any heated moments on the court. 

As a leader for the Cavaliers, instances like these did pop-up. 
Have a look!

Nazr Mohammed vs LeBron James 

During the 2013 NBA playoffs, Miami Heat was playing the Chicago Bulls.  The game was tied at 1-1 but in Game 3 Nazr Mohammed and LeBron James got into a tussle. Bron was guarding Nazr and seemed to have shoved Nazr to the side, which frustrated the 6'10" player and he retaliated by pushing LBJ down to the floor. Luckily it was under control before it turned too nasty.

Credit: Youtube/NBA VEVO

LeBron James vs Enes Kanter

While the Knicks and Cavs battled each other on court, LeBron made an easy bucket and ran into rookie Frank Ntilikina. This sparked some shoving here and there and very quickly Enes Kanter got involved who got into Bron's face as if provoking him into a heated argument.  Frank had to step in along with the officials to separate the two.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

LeBron James vs Golden State Warriors

The Cavs and Warriors had one of the greatest rivalries the league has seen. So, it was natural LeBron had quite a few run-ins with his opponents. This included pushing and forcing Steph onto the floor, hot exhanges with KD and the Klay. But nothing topped him almost stepping over Draymond Green, which almost got him suspended.

Credit: Twitter/pennyccw

LeBron James vs Patrick Beverley

During a Rockets vs Cavs game, Bron was running through the paint to make an easy dunk which Pat Bev tried to intercept and ended up forcing full body contact. When both of them lost balance, they fell over each other on the court and ended up clawing each other.

Credit: Youtube/Marty Weber

LeBron James vs Houston Rockets

LeBron had left the Cavs once again, this time for the Lakers. But his debut wasn't as pleasant as he would want. The game was tainted with a massive fight but LeBron was the mediator in this one. With Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo punching each other, Bron tried to stop it by pulling CP3 off the court.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

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