Shaquille O’Neal’s Fashion choice Makes Sports World Go berserk

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal tends to do most things that other NBA players or legends wouldn’t dream of. And the best part is, he manages to pull those things off. Most fans and viewers get a good laugh out of it which is something O’Neal loves to see. He may not be an NBA player anymore, but he has always been an entertainer. And this next bit is nothing less. In a recent Instagram post on his profile, Shaq appeared with rapper Lil Yachty. And the two were seen showing off their latest fashion choice. Or rather, showing off their pretty feet.

That’s right. The former Los Angeles Laker superstar and the rapper had painted toenails in the video posted. He captioned the video, “Who got prettier feet?” And since the video was posted, fans, players, and even NBA legends couldn’t help but drop comments on his post.

O’Neal asked his fans in the video who had the prettier feet while both celebrities stood there barefoot. O’Neal told Lil Yachty that he had the prettier feet out of the two, saying, “Oh I think I got you right there.” And Lil Yachty wasn’t one to take that loss. He immediately struck back saying, “Absolutely not, absolutely not. ” The camera crew couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the rapper’s response.

O’Neal’s shoe size is more than 20. And his feet looked absolutely humongous next to that of Lil Yachty. No wonder one of his nicknames is The Big Aristotle. O’Neal is truly one of the boldest personalities out there. Shaq does not shy away from such crazy antics. It just adds to Shaq’s crazy list of things out there. Be it dancing to Bollywood tunes with actor Ranveer Singh or getting punched in the face by the three-feet UFC sensation Hasbulla Magomedov. Shaq has really done it all.

To get a gist of how big Shaquille O’Neal’s feet really are, former teammate Nate Robinson once wore his shoes while doing basketball drills during their time with the Boston Celtics. Robinson was absolutely spent and tired just after one round of doing suicides, a basketball training drill.

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